Abba Shebashamayim


These are songs by Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman, given by the Lord with the anointing to heal hearts, restore hope, and bring salvation. This album is recorded in Peru, 2010, with Peruvian instruments. Music is in Hebrew, Spanish, and English. Lyrics included.

10 Songs + 1 Bonus

Listen to song samples:

01 Intro Shofar
02 Abba Shebashamayim
03 Baruj Habah Beshem Adonai
04 Emje Kol Dima-Enjuagare toda lagrima
05 Hevenu Shalom Aleichem
06 Hineh Ma Tov-Popular
07 Hodu L’Adonai Ki Tov
08 Or Haolam-Luz del Mundo
09 Shalom Shalom Yerushalayim
10 Zeh Haderej-El es El Camino
11 Bonus Abba Shebashamayim
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