Archbishop Dominiquae is the director of Kad-Esh MAP Ministries International with the help of her husband, Rabbi Baruch Bierman. It has been launched from Israel into the USA, Peru, Finland, Norway, Ecuador, Sweden, Estonia, the UK, PNG, Malaysia, and many more in the making. As Jewish apostles, Dominiquae and Baruch Bierman have traveled to over 50 nations preaching the Gospel made in Zion with signs, wonders, and miracles following!

Additionally, Archbishop Dominiquae is the president of GRM Bible School, a bible school free of replacement theology rich in church history, the Jewish roots of the faith, and Israel. The school has flourished throughout the nations, changing the lives of many.

Dr. Dominiquae has received an honorary Doctorate from Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary. Tampa, Florida, due to her life’s work in advancing the Kingdom of God and has earned a Ph.D. in Religious Philosophy from the Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary, Florida. On March 22nd, 2004, Dr. Dominiquae Bierman was officially consecrated to the office of a Bishop by TAPAC (Trans-Atlantic Pacific Alliance of Churches) based in London, England. On May 14th, 2016, she was elevated to the position of Archbishop during the TAPAC Bishops Forum held in Jerusalem, Israel, thus becoming the first Jewish woman Archbishop in the world. Her ministry is followed by signs, wonders, and miracles of reconciliation, deliverance, and restoration. Her mandate is the triple mandate to:

  • Raise the Church as an Esther
  • Bless Israel
  • Save the nations

As part of that mandate, Archbishop Dominiquae has been one of the spearheads in the movement to restore the Sephardic Jews to their identity, which was lost during the Spanish Inquisition, thereby preparing them to return to their promised home, the Negev Desert. As a result, multitudes of Sephardic Jews are being restored as she preaches Yah’s (God’s) Word.


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