A new thing against anti-Semitism.

Based on Genesis 12:3, GRI, the Global Re-education Initiative Against Anti-Semitism, is a premiere training platform that exposes hatred against the Jewish people because of replacement theology.

GRI is a brand-new organization that promotes the Jewish identity of the Messiah to uproot religious anti-Semitism. We do this by educating people with historical, political, and biblical truths about theological and spiritual anti-Semitism. GRI is a branch from the United Nations for Israel.

GRI unveils the five-headed monster of anti-Semitism and teaches people how to dismantle it. Removing these heads will restore the first century Messiah to the Church.

The vision of GRI is to defeat religious anti-Semitism by reclaiming back the Jewish Messiah. GRI seeks to lead nations to practice biblical politics concerning Israel and domestic moral affairs that keep the Commandments of God.

  • Realize that Jewish hatred is the opposite of God’s intention: During the course, you will understand the vital role of the Jewish people and Israel in God’s redemption plan.
  • Overcome anti-Semitism with roots down deep: Travel through 12 gates and discover the truth about the Messiah and His people. Upon completion of GRI, you will receive an official certificate that verifies your graduation.