What We Do

As members worldwide, we, as the United Nations for Israel and partners of Kad-Esh MAP Ministries, are praising Yah (God) for His mercy through the contact point of Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman. These two Jewish apostles are standing in the gap before the God of Israel for mercy on our nations for two main reasons.

  • Anti-biblical Politics: Hatred toward the Jewish people and Israel
  • Anti-biblical Doctrine: Observation of pagan feasts and replacement theology

As Israelis and Jews, they have been sent to America, where they now stand in the gap for the USA with acts of repentance at key eastern gates, including St. Augustine Florida, Williamsburg, Virginia, New York City, New York; and Orlando, Florida. Yah (God) has heard and responded favorably! To Him be all the glory!

Members in over 30 countries are heading congregations, ministering the Jewish roots of the faith, and performing acts of restitution to the Jewish people. A plethora of signs, wonders, and miracles are taking place! Read some of our testimonies.

A spiritual rebirthing is taking place as we continue to pray, praise, repent, and stand in the gap toward the God of Israel. Indeed, the work of repentance for the great promised awakening has only begun! So team up with us to be a catalyst for revival in your nation!