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Rabbi Baruch Bierman is pioneering our prison ministry in the USA. We started in the Union Correctional Institute (UCI), a maximum-security prison in Florida, where we now have an active GRM Bible School study group and ministry meetings. Many have already graduated, and we have students even on death row. We have also ministered deliverance and inner healing to our GRM graduates, resulting in restored lives and many miracles behind bars.

The MAP prison ministry has expanded fast: GRM Bible School is now available on the Lantern platform for prisoners all over Florida (and in several other states) to study with their tablets. We have over 600 students, and the number keeps growing weekly. Our prison ministry team visits several facilities every month. Many of our inmate students, both in men’s and women’s prisons, have sent us testimonies of the transformation of lives. Enjoy reading them below!

“I have been wrong all my life, but now I understand what God wants from me for the first time in my life!”


“GRM Bible School has saved my life! I was not well physically, and my spiritual life was hanging by a thread because it was all built on false doctrines and lies. Now I have a deep, healthy, and thriving relationship with Yeshua.”


“I need God desperately to come into my life and save me from this havoc way of living. Thank you for this book. Pray for me, please, and I hope you will continue to teach me; I need this!.”


“The truths I have learned through GRM Bible School have changed me to be a better citizen in His Kingdom.”


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Testimonies from GRM Bible School inmate students

Ross Panarites, USA

GRM Bible School has opened my eyes to so much more of God’s Word. I see His Word with so much more clarity and understanding. Passages I used to gloss over have come alive to me and have given me a much deeper appreciation of all God has done for mankind since the beginning of…
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Gary Feraudo, USA

At first, I was apprehensive about embarking on another “bible study,” but I quickly became “addicted” to the message and kept returning for more lessons. What I thought would take me several months to complete turned out to be about one month. The manner of presentation of the material covered in the GRM Bible School…
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Thomas Mount, USA

I was lost and empty until I found and received the True Jewish Messiah. I went around without purpose, hope, or even faith in anything. But the moment I accepted Yeshua as my personal Savior and Lord, I found my true life. Since attending the Messianic Services and keeping the Sabbath, I have found peace,…
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Thomas Mount, USA

GRM Bible School has given me an enormous amount of information I was unaware of. It has helped me to understand the Jewish culture and what the Torah has to say. This course has given me a better understanding of what it really means to have Yeshua as the Lord and Master of my life….
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Deborah Ross, USA

GRM Bible School has saved my life! I was not well physically, and my spiritual life was hanging by a thread because it was all built on false doctrines and lies. Now I have a deep, healthy, and thriving relationship with Yeshua. My whole life has changed! The way I see, the things I hear,…
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Scott Markham, USA

I was enlightened through the lesson “The Key of Abraham – Israel, our Mother” and the illustration that the church is like the son of Israel, and believers in Christ need to be reconciled once again to Israel. The same is true for my children and me. I believe that this ministry and my experiences…
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Tina Christmas, USA

I grew up being ashamed of my parents. My mother abused me physically and mentally, and my father was always working to support our large family of 6. As I grew, I rebelled more and more. We went to church with our mother but never stayed at one church longer than one year. Finally, as…
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I had a crazy but confirmative experience. I’ve been asking Yah (God) to speak to me, to give me a sign so I know that I am on the right path, and I’ve been praying in Yeshua’s name. In your book Yeshua is the Name, you said a believer can heal. So, I had this extreme…
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I must admit that eradicating the Cancer of Religion book brought forth emotional feelings. I have studied Islam for years and was a practicing Muslim on and off. Recently, I have been nothing but simply a seeker. For me, having been practicing Muslim makes it hard to be open-minded to many things, but I have to…
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Ronald, USA

I read the Eradicating the Cancer of Religion book three times. The First time I couldn’t truly understand what I had just read. The second time I was astounded, and the third time I understood what Archbishop Dominiquae was telling me. From the time of Adam and the garden, His sole purpose was a personal relationship with…
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Tina Christmas, USA

This study has been a great eye-opener and a heart-cleansing experience. The GRM Bible School opened my eyes and heart to so many new truths I never knew existed and revealed many lies I have believed my whole life. I feel cheated by not knowing all these truths before now! I pray to continue to…
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