The Voice of These Ashes – Restitution or Judgement


What are the Ashes Crying For?

In Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor, Majdanek, Babi Yar, Ukraine, and in many more locations, the blood of the Jewish people was either spilled or became ashes. This blood and these ashes went into the ground wherever they fell. But the soil never remains in one place; it migrates with the winds, rain, geological activity, and the passing of the years. These ashes, now mingled with the soil, have been scattered all over the world, bringing the essence of their poignant cry into your world, church, community, city, and nation.
About what did the blood of Abel cry out to the creator? About what are the blood and ashes of the Jews exterminated during the Shoah (Nazi Holocaust), Russian pogroms, the Spanish Inquisition, Christian crusades, Islamic terror, and much more crying to the God of the universe? And why should it matter to you, the reader? This is what you will find out in the pages of this book.

Archbishop Dr. Dominiquae Bierman, a Jew of Sephardic origin and the Founder and President of the United Nations for Israel, has traveled with her husband, Rabbi Baruch, to over 50 nations calling the people to repent of all antisemitism and make restitution to Israel and the Jewish people. Astounding miracles have followed their ministry, and many have received salvation, healing, and deliverance through Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah.

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