God of Shalom


Through this anointed teaching series by Dr. Dominiquae Bierman, taped in the Jordan Valley in the area of ancient Gilgal in Israel, you will experience the healing power of the God of Shalom.

You will learn how to overcome bitter circumstances and come out on top. Your journey to wholeness may include instant miraculous changes and necessary life adjustments. With the God of Shalom, difficult times can become stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks!

Through the God of Shalom Series you will:

  • Understand the secret of soul prosperity.
  • Receive an impartation of anointing and truth to bring healing and wholeness into your life.
  • Learn to overcome depression and anxiety.
  • Receive healing from life’s traumas and learn to minister to others
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Videos included:

  1. Moving into Wholeness
  2. God Who Heals You
  3. A Healthy Soul
  4. Faith & Soul Prosperity
  5. Inner Attitudes for Healing
  6. Freedom from Pain
  7. Source of Opression
  8. Spiritual & Emotional Healing
  9. Healing of Memories Part 1
  10. Healing of Memories Part 2
  11. Forgiveness Part 1
  12. Forgiveness Part 2
  13. Forgiveness and Forgetting

Watch a video sample: