From Sickology to a Healthy Logic


This book is the product of 18 years walking through psychiatric hospitals catering to my loved ones. I have seen, prayed and visited with countless mentally sick patients. I have talked with many psychiatrists and psychologists. I have had to fight for the mental wellbeing of my own loved ones, including my mother, my brother, my children and some of my spiritual children and disciples.

However, my personal experiences would have not been enough to write this book. The Word of God is the Highest Authority as the textbook on the Human Mind. After all, it was Elohim, The Creator of Heaven and Earth, who created our minds! Of course He did not leave us without an instruction manual!

Therefore, above all psychology, or any other “ology”, is the Word of God. In it you will find all the answers to the woes and illnesses of Mankind. The Great News is that this Eternal Book contains THE CURE, and therefore, my purpose is that you will find the infallible and eternal cure for all distressed minds.

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