"In 2016 the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, likened anti-Semitism to a 'virus,' adding that 'it is a shameful truth that, through its theological teachings, the church, which should have offered an antidote, compounded the spread of this virus.'” -

Watch: Discover The Messiah BEFORE Rome Took Over The Faith

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  • ​In-depth historical overview of the faith before and after Rome
  • ​5 of the main reasons why Christians still hold onto a Romanized gospel
  • ​Rich, historical and theological perspective of the 1st century gospel
  • ​Anti-Semitic quotes from renowned Church Fathers following Yeshua's identity theft
  • ​Glowing testimonials about the power of Yeshua's (Jesus') Jewish identity
  • ​First-hand stories of power from over 30 years preaching this message
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Know The Messiah Before
Rome Took Over The Faith

You want to know Jesus more intimately. You'd love to get the power of the 1st century. You’d absolutely love a deeper relationship with the Messiah.

There's only one problem.

To achieve those things, you need to find the Messiah Yeshua as a Jew – before Rome separated from the original, Jewish foundations of our faith.

And that means studying the Jewishness of Jesus.
But you're (probably) a normal Christian, not a Christian History scholar.
You may not know what implications the Jewishness of Jesus means for you and other Christians. 
As a result, you're always thirsting for more truth.

Until now, that only left you with a few options:
  • Attend seminary for years, even though it costs tens of thousands of dollars,
  • Accept that this is as good as things are going to get, or
  • Take years to research the Jewishness of the Messiah and the 1st century Church before Rome took over.
I went with option 3.

As a Jewish minister, I wanted to learn everything I could about the 1st century Messiah. He was portrayed as a Roman, not a Jew, and that led people away from the faith. But God showed me that He is a Jew that died for me and you. So, I spent the past 30 years in over 50 nations preaching and teaching about the gospel from a Jewish perspective before Rome took over. I learned secret pieces of the Church's anti-Semitic history that seminary skips over which are crucial to the understanding of our faith. Things like staying in a unity of mind... bringing back the biblical feasts... understanding that Lawlessness is Torahlessness... how the Jewish apostles and Messiah walked, talked, and preached... how the Romanization of the gospel led to increasing Christian anti-Semitism... what spiritual barriers are keeping us from returning to the 1st century's power... essentially, how to bring the original gospel to the 21st century... Then, I took all of this knowledge and revelation that God gave me and applied them to my ministry, Bible School, and books.

The fruit of my teachings in the students were phenomenal:
  • They received the power to overcome ALL sin
  • ​They often proclaimed to be "born again, again"
  • ​They were freed from spiritual confusion due to so many religious theologies 
  • ​They described their study journey as “returning back home”
  • ​Deliverance from evil spirits took a fraction of the time
Obviously, I was on to something.

That experience taught me that Christians could finally become united when they know the Jewish Messiah and His gospel.

But this can ONLY happen when Christian anti-Semitism is exposed through history and theology, and uprooted from the lives of believers.

That's why I created the book "The Identity Theft" along with the Global Re-Education Initiative (GRI) Against Anti-Semitism online course.

Why You'll LOVE The Book "The Identity Theft" And The Online Course GRI Against Anti-Semitism

With the book "The Identity Theft" and the online course GRI Against Anti-Semitism, you can recover the 1st century faith as preached by the Jewish apostles 2,000 years ago, within one read. As you read, you will see how the Word of God is supposed to be read in the context of a Jewish gospel and covenant, made through a Jewish Messiah. In knowing these things, you will start to live a life of obedience, holiness, and power. Your questions will be answered.

The book "The Identity Theft" and the online course GRI Against Anti-Semitism will:
  • ​Save you years of time following a Roman gospel instead of the original gospel
  • ​Put an end to the question, "Where has the power of God gone?"
  • ​Help you know God more intimately just like the 1st century Jewish disciples
  • ​Bring a deep healing to your identity as a child of God
  • ​Give you the power to stay obedient and anointed, and reach out to others

Order The Book; Get The Course FREE

There is no Bible school on the face of the earth that gives you a comprehensive understanding of the Jewish Messiah, and of the theology that stole His identity for a Roman Christ. 

I'm making my book "The Identity Theft" and the online course GRI Against Anti-Semitism available for a fraction of what you would spend at seminary.

It costs just $27—about what you'd spend to get a single textbook about Jewish history in the 1st century.

Imagine what it would be like to...
  • ​...see through the Roman Jesus and into Yeshua
  • ​...walk in the anointing like the Jewish disciples of the 1st century
  • ​ those around you be transformed by the renewed life within you
  • ​...understand why relating to Israel with respect will release the blessing into your life
  • ​ your disciple's faith grow as they renounce Roman-pagan theologies
You can have all of these things with the book "The Identity Theft" and the online course GRI Against Anti-Semitism.

The FREE online course includes 57 videos with quizzes based on the book, that will give you in depth understanding and revelation of the 1st century Jewish Messiah and gospel. The theological know-how you'll gain in these 20+ hours of videos is equivalent to thousands of dollars worth of high-end seminary attendance.


If you say yes to this life-changing opportunity, you can learn the 1st century gospel and Messiah by pre-ordering the book "The Identity Theft: The Return of the 1st Century Messiah."

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Thanks for reading my book "The Identity Theft."
I know you won't regret it.

Archbishop Dr. Dominiquae Bierman
Author of the book The Identity Theft and founder of GRI Against Anti-Semitism

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